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The Ultimate Growth Token

XUSD is built with longevity and security in mind, with multiple checks and requirements added to the code to ensure that the calculated price of XUSD does not drop relative to the underlying asset.

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Six Utilities

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xUSD's utilities generate revenue on itself via staking, lending, yield farming, and mining. They shift focus from immediate price action to a sustained base APY that appreciates over time, all while abiding by XSurge's core truths: the price cannot fall, and 100%-plus backed liquidity.


XUSD Treasury

The Treasury accumulates and invests funds into yield aggregators. The passive income buys and burns xUSD, giving it a growing APY separate from transactional volume.

Flash Loans

XUSD Flash Loans

Non-collateralized instantaneous lending and repayment. Ideal for arbitrage trading. Lowest fee in DeFi, 0.02%.



Swap between the top Stablecoins on BSC. No Liquidity Pool, no slippage, no price impact. Lowest swap fee in DeFi, 0.05%.

The Mine

XUSD The Mine

The Mine will allow XUSD to become the top Stablecoin Aggregator in all of DeFi. The Mine enables XUSD Holders to exchange their XUSD's underlying Stablecoins for almost anything: Other Tokens, Yield Farms, Staking Contracts, ETC.

Launches 6/30/22


XUSD Governance

The Governance Token will allow voting on and proposing changes and upgrades to the future of XSurge. Earn Rewards in Governance Tokens by staking, farming, and other means via participating in the Ecosystem. The Governance Token will be deflationary with a capped supply. It will have a small transaction fee to additionally fuel the Treasury, which in turn will buy back and burn the Token daily and stock up the Reward Contract.

Coming Soon


XUSD Lending

Coming Soon