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Explore our fast growing smart chain ecosystem that fosters innovation and encourages a truly decentralized future through on-chain liquidity, and fully renounced ownership.
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How Surge is different

No Liquidity Pool & No Exchanges.

How it works

Each transaction triggers a fee that raises the price of Surge relative to its underlying asset. That means Buys, Transfers, and Sells raise the price.

How about the fees?

6% fee to buy, 6% fee to sell, 7% fee to navigate between tokens (i.e., SETH to SBTC) & 2% fee for wallet-to-wallet transfers

xSurge Whitepaper

The xSurge Whitepaper will be available soon

Latest Updates

SurgeADA Launched

SurgeETH Certik Audit is Live

In accordance with our Security First Approach, we have undergone and completed third party verification of our SurgeETH Token Contract. The audit was conducted through Certik, a highly esteemed blockchain auditor. Using their in-house formal verification technology, Certik provides a thorough assessment that outlines vulnerability ranking scores for various factors. Following completion of the audit, we are happy to report SurgeETH has earned an admirable rating for these factors along with a very high Security Score. In addition, SurgeETH will be under 24/7 Skynet Monitoring from the Certik Dashboard to further assure our community that security and integrity are always our first priority.

We ask that everyone take time to read each finding and alleviation in the assessment. We hope after reading through our audit, you'll consider showing your support as often as you can by voting "Secure" from the Dashboard of the Certik page. Voting is eligible every 24 hours so members may vote daily if they wish. Social sentiment has a significant impact on the security score ratings so this will help in boosting our score over time. With that being said, SurgeBTC audit is following closely and will be available soon for community review. Click here to view the SurgeETH audit results.

Here's how to buy:

Buy BNB & Convert to BSC

BNB (Binance Coin) is available on all major exchanges, then convert your BNB to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Send BSC to Surge Address

Send your BSC to the Surge Contract Address of your choice.

Add Surge as custom token to your wallet

Add the Surge Contract Address, choose Network: Smart Chain

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